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Top quality loading dock seals

Loading dock seals are essential if you
want to reduce your heating bill and
prevent theft. Made from kiln dried wood
and a variety of industrial materials,
Pro-Quai’s loading dock seals are
custom made to provide the best fit and
protection possible.

Custom made for your needs

If you are looking to decrease your
monthly energy bill, loading dock seals
are the answer. Every day, while people
are unloading their trucks in your building,
your heating and your air conditioning
is escaping through the dock doors and
costing you thousands. For companies
who are concerned with temperature
variations, not only will loading dock seals
preserve your building’s hot or cold
temperature, but it will also provide
protection for your employees when the
weather is not favorable, which cuts down time.

All Pro-Quai door seals meet the highest quality standards in the industry:

  • Double seams on all joints
  • 27 lb/ft polyurethane foam
  • 2" thick kiln-dried wood
  • Galvanized mounting hardware

For more information about our loading dock seals, please contact us.

Fixed header door seal

Ajustable header door seal

> MM-100 Model

> MM-200 Model

> MM-300 Model
Inflatable door seal

Inflatable door seal

Inflatable door seal

> MM-150 Model

> MM-350 Model

> MM-550 Model

> MM-650 Model
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loading dock seal
Pro-Quai door seals are covered by a
1 year warranty against defects in material
or workmanship.